• People standing outside during Park-ing day
  • Group of people at PD Park(ing) day booth
  • Craig Malin at Park(ing) day creating wooden bats
  • Chalk fish at parking spot at Park(ing) day
  • Wooden table and chairs set up at spot at Park(ing) day
  • Search canine on fire truck with two firefighters
  • Three people, chairs, table and rug outside at Park(ing) day
  • Table and chairs outside during Park(ing) day
  • Maddox Haberdasher, style consultant; Michele Allen, Traffic Reporter KSBW-TV and David Marzetti, Local enterainer and MCCVB  judge PARK-ing Day Entries
  • MCBC event May 6, 2016
  • Mayor Rubio and Sharon Mikesell at City Council Meeting

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