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Seaside Police Chief - Abdul D. Pridgen

Chief’s Vision: 

As public servants, we are entrusted with safeguarding our community. We are guardians who embrace the tenets of procedural justice: voice; neutrality; respect; and trustworthiness. We serve with honesty, integrity, fairness, compassion, and respect. Our obligation is to partner with our community to resolve concerns collaboratively. This can only be achieved through trust—the foundation of any successful relationship. To that end, we nurture environments for rich conversations and meaningful exchanges of ideas. We value every trust-building opportunity to get to know our community more deeply and appreciate our common humanity—regardless of ethnicity, religion, social standing, or occupation. We exercise discretion, and incorporate community input, in keeping our community safe. We understand our legitimacy is bestowed upon us by our citizenry. We strive to enhance our legitimacy through accountability, transparency, and an abiding trust. Our citizens deserve no less.

Chief’s Bio:

Chief Pridgen was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. Chief Pridgen served as a United States Sailor in Desert Storm, was honorably discharged after his six year active duty obligation, and retired from the U.S. Navy Reserve as a Chief Petty Officer.

Following active duty, Chief Pridgen continued to serve his community as a police officer and now as Seaside’s Chief of Police. Chief Pridgen has a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Dallas Baptist University and a Master of Arts in Public Administration from Tarleton State University. He is a graduate of the Southern Police Institute, the FBI National Academy, the FBI National Executive Institute, and Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Chief Pridgen has a passion for community engagement, collaboration, transparency, inclusivity, creative community policing programs, and Procedural Justice.

Seaside Police Deputy Chief

Nick Borges

Borges, a native of the Monterey Peninsula, has worked for the Seaside Police Department for 18 years. He has deep origins to the Seaside community and is passionate about building trust and strong relationships with all members of the community. Borges is a graduate of the Quantico National FBI Academy and possesses a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership. Borges believes in four important principals:

  1. Treat everyone with dignity and respect
  2. Do not allow anyone to feel left out of the community.
  3. Never give up!
  4. Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) 

Chief of Police

Abdul D. Pridgen

Chief Pridgen

Abdul D. Pridgen was appointed as Seaside Police Chief on March 1, 2018. Chief Pridgen joined an illustrious team of Seaside employees after honorably retiring from the Fort Worth Police Department after 25 years of service.

Deputy Chief  

Nick Borges 


Professional Staff

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